Our most popular product!  Get one of these outstanding barreled actions to drop into your stock!


Barreled Actions

Benchmark match grade stainless barrel in your choice of length, contour, and twist rate, installed on a trued Remington 700 action or a custom action with several available upgrades!



Available Options:

Current Cartridge List:


Don't see the cartridge you're looking for?  No problem!  We can likely get ahold of the reamer for your build without too much trouble (there may be a fee associated).



Available Discounts:

Military / Veteran / LE Discount: We offer a 5% discount off all of our products, including rifle packages!


Donor Action Discount: $500 off any Remington 700 based barreled action or rifle package when the action is provided by the customer.


Donor Barrel Discount: $250 off any barreled action or rifle build when barrel blank is provided by customer.