We excited to announce another Group Buy!  We are going to be selling Remington 700 actions both trued and unaltered at discounted rates for a limited time!  There will be deeper discounts available when ordering 3 or more at one time, so get your shooting partners and range members on board!  Please look below for information on options available, and how to order.  Any Remington 700 based barreled action or rifle package ordered as part of the group buy will recieve a discount as well! We are hoping to simplify the ordering process for these, so if you would like to place an order, please refer to the ordering instructions and FAQ's at the bottom of the page!

Remington 700 Actions


We are offering Remington 700 actions in several different configurations, in both trued and unaltered states.  These actions all come with the Remington X-Mark trigger installed.  Please refer to the list below to determine what is available, and the cost associated.



All prices are the same whether purchasing Stainless or Blued finish.  All prices include shipping and handling.

Group Buy Action Prices:

For orders of 3 or more actions going to the same FFL gets an additional $25 off each action, 5 or more gets $35 off each, and 10+ gets $45!  The more people you get to order an action with you, the more you save!


All actions are RIGHT HANDED.  For a more complete list of what actions/configurations aren't available, please see the FAQ page.

Information regarding our truing process, which actions are not available, and more can be found on the FAQ page, linked below.  Trued actions can be ordered with standard or .010" oversize threading, please specify in your order.


As an added bonus, ALL RIFLE AND BARRELED ACTION orders will be given a $75 dollar discount when ordered as part of the Group Buy!


In order to simplify the action orders and decrease the amount of time spent answering emails and phone calls, we are hoping to streamline the process a bit by letting you figure out your total costs, send payment, and organize your FFL transfer.  Due to the complexity and number of options available, barreled action and rifle orders will still need to be dealt with over the phone or by email.  For more information and answers to the questions we most often receive about these actions, please refer the the GROUP BUY FAQ PAGE.


Please send an envelope containing the following items:


Please send payment and information to:

Northwest Action Works LLC

9830 SW 82nd Ave

Portland, OR 97223

As soon the group buy has ended (Closes on July 31st!), we will be placing the official order for the actions.  We have been given a minimum wait time of 120 days for the shipment.  As soon as we have them, they will be trued up and sent out within a few weeks.  For those ordering barreled actions or rifles, the wait time will obviously be longer as a great deal more work must be done.  We will be able to give a more accurate ETA on the barreled actions and rifles after the actions have arrived and we know what our workload is at that time.