These are the questions we receive most often from our customers regarding our products, techniques, and policies.  Please browse through them to see if your question can be answered here, but feel free to contact us if you have additional questions we can help with!

Do you offer any kind of accuracy guarantee?

We offer a 1/2 MOA or better guarantee on all of our precision rifle packages and barreled actions.  With good loads and steady hands, they will produce ragged holes at 100 yards all day long!  A great deal of accuracy in a barreled action comes from the equipment and techniques used to mate it with a stock, but we are happy to offer any help or advice needed to get your rig shooting to its potential.

Do you offer load workup for rifles?

Unfortunately, we are no longer offering complete load workups as an option for rifle packages.  The recent difficulty in obtaining quality components, and the incredible amount of time associated with load development has forced us to put it on the back burner for a while.  In the meantime, we are more than happy to help out with load development questions, equipment recommendations, and even complete load recipes when possible.

What does your action truing process involve?

Our action truing process incorporates the following procedures to produce a perfectly square action:


  • Receiver face squared to bolt raceway

  • Receiver lug abutments squared to bolt raceway and receiver face

  • Receiver threads cleaned up and made concentric with bolt raceway

  • Bolt lugs lapped to newly squared lug abutments for complete contact

  • Bolt face squared to receiver face

I don't see the cartridge I want on your list, can I still get it?

We are almost always willing to chamber a rifle or barreled action in any cartridge, provided we can get our hands on the reamer and the cartridge itself is appropriate for the action being used.  In most cases, there will be a reamer fee and ammunition for test firing will either need to be provided by the customer or they will be charged for the purchase of it.  

I would like to get my rifle re-barreled, can I do that?

Absolutely!  We love taking on re-barrel projects, as they are a great way to re-use the hardware you already have on hand while saving you some money in the process!  As long as the action is the appropriate length and bolt face size for the desired cartridge, we will put it through the same truing process we use on all of the actions we obtain ourselves and build a new rig around it.  We give a $450 discount on all barreled action and rifle packages when the action is donated to the build.  Click HERE for more information on this and other discounts.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept just about any kind of check or money order mailed to us, or we can take a credit/debit card number over the phone (additional fees apply with this method).

Do you require full payment up front?
  • Full payment up front is preferred but not required

  • Builds can be broken into pretty much any payments desired, and we will order parts as we have payments to cover

  • When payments have reached 75% or greater of total build cost (minus shipping), build will be scheduled and completed as parts arrival allows

  • If initial payment covers the 75% or greater, all parts will be ordered and build will be scheduled based on expected lead times from various suppliers involved

  • Build must be paid off in full prior to shipment


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