Long Range Hunting Story

One of our customers, Jeremy Wallace, sent us this great story of how he filled his bull elk tag this year. Jeremy was using a 300 RUM rifle he built using a Northwest Action Works trued Remington 700 barreled action, which he had built by us as part of the Long Range Hunting giveaway that he won! He did a great job with load development and practicing with his rig, and here is the result!

It was unseasonably warm for the third week of October with highs consistently in the mid to upper 60s and the elk movement was slow. We hadn't seen much when late in the afternoon on the third day of a 5 day hunt we spotted 2 bulls in the timber 1,100 yards across from us at about the same elevation (7,600'). The bulls were wandering down the mountain our direction so we decided to lose some elevation and close up that gap. We got down to about 7,300' and the bulls were below us when they started hitting openings big enough in the timber for a shot. This was my third elk hunt but my first chance at a shot so I wasn't really trophy hunting I just wanted a shot. My brother was on the G7 range finder and the wind that was originally blowing around 6mph steadily all day had dropped down to nothing. As the bull approached the last opening my brother was consistently ranging the gap. 737 yards across. The G7 said to shoot it for 693. The guide asked me 3 times if I could make that shot and I assured him that the gun and myself were both up to the task. Then he said its getting late i need you to be sure you can put him down right there. I was. I twisted the turret on the Huskemaw and waited for the bull to hit the spot. When he got there I was surprised at how wide open it was where he was standing. I thought there would still be some brush and small branches in the way but where he was it was wide open. The cross hairs found him high in the shoulder when he stopped. I started applying pressure to the Timney 512 when the gun barked. I concentrated on my follow through knowing my brother and the guide was watching for the results. It turns out it was not needed. After the follow through I was back on the gun just in time to see the hit and hear my brother and the guides report. "He's down, nice shot". It caught the bull high in the shoulder, through the spine and exited out the opposite shoulder. The bulls legs tucked up tight under him and for a millisecond it looked like he was levitating. Then gravity took over and he went straight down on his belly, rolled 4 times down the mountain and only stopped by wedging into a down pine tree tangle. Hes not huge but I had to get started somewhere and I must say I am tickled. I can't say enough good things about the barreled action you guys built for me. Extremely fast, extremely accurate, and pretty darn good looking too. Thanks for a great elk, moose, mule deer, bear, whitetail, sheep, and caribou hunting rig.

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