See what some of our customers are doing with Northwest Action Works products!


Rem 700 Barreled Action - 6mm BR


"Took a 1st place in F Class Open last week - with the Sweet 6 tack driver you built for me -at the NRA Western Regional Championships last week at Camp Pendleton! You were correct when you told me it was remarkably accurate!" - D.Fitzgerald



Rem 700 Barreled Action - 
6.5 Creedmoor


"The range was 1000yds @ Ft Bliss Rod & Gun. The temp was 85° with a WNW wind @ 8MPH, humidity 52%, elevation 3961 FT, caliber 6.5 Creedmoor. Group #2 was measured and verified by Larry Bartholome a member of the US F-Class team" -S.Berkley


That's a 3.25" 5-shot group at 1,000 yards, nice shooting! 

Ramrod Hunter - 338 Edge


"I just shot this today with my rig. H1000 seems to be the ticket. This target is 100 yards. My 300 yard targets look almost identical. Thank you so much for building this rig and for the help through load development." - R.May

NW Backpacker Rifle - 300 RUM


Here's a 3-shot group submitted by Coyote Control Specialists at 200 yards using our NW Backpacker package in 300RUM.

Ramrod Hunter - 338 Edge


This is a 100 yard 4-shot group fired by one of our customers using a Ramrod Hunting Rifle package chambered in 338 Edge!

Rem 700 Barreled Action - 300 RUM


"Got to do a little shooting at my dads today. His range is only 100 yards but I must say I was rather pleased. Took a few shots kinda lining it in then shot 2 3 shot groups. The sticker immediately to the right is hiding a 3 shot group." 


"I have done almost no load work up so far and have hit my furthest targets out to 1,460 yards!" - J.Wallace

Stiller Rifle Package - 308 Win Match


"Just wanted to say thanks to mason and everyone at Nwaw for building a great rifle, looking forward to working with them again soon."

- J.McKiddy

NW Backpacker - 300 Win Mag


"I just put 5 shots in less that 3/4 inch at 200 yards. I could not be more pleased. Thanks for a great rifle." - J.Parker


"This is a pic of the mule deer that I got. I could not have asked for better results from the rifle. I only had a couple days for load development, but came up with a load that shot sub half minute at 200 yards and gave my no trouble ringing a 8 inch plate out to 680. First two shots fired at game: a 5x5 bull elk and my best mule deer to date. This rifle is exactly what I was looking for, a super accurate, lightweight hunting rifle that performs every time." - J.Parker

NW Backpacker - 300 Win Mag


"This is a photo of the bull I killed. 491 yards uphill, he dropped at the shot. I couldn't be happier with the rifle." - J.Parker

Rem 700 Barreled Action - 300 WSM


"I know its been awhile and you have probly forgot about the 300wsm you built me. Here is what it does time and time again. Thanks guys"

Ramrod Hunter - 338 Edge


"1058 yards. Thanks for an extremely accurate rifle." - Keith Byrd

Rem 700 Barreled Action - 7mm STW


"Here is another NWAW barreled action after full assembly. This is a trued rem 700 long action with fluted bolt, pinned lug and bartlien fluted barrel chambered in 7stw, vais brake, atlas bipod, McMillan gamescout stock, Timney Calvin Elite trigger, custom bolt knob with flush cartridge case, NF 5.5-22x50 nxs, NF UL ring,. shooting 175 ABLR @3375fps. Sweet rig and shoots amazing..." -Matt Myers

PMR Rifle Package - 22-250


"4 shot group @200 with my NWAW 22-250. 55gr nosler bal tip. 40gr of H380 mv 4,000 fps" - K.Byrd

Rough Rider Rifle Package - 284 Win


One of our long range custom rifle customers filled his antelope tag with an outstanding 1,000 yard shot!

Ramrod Barreled Action - 338 Lapua


"Hey guys just thought I would send you some pictures from my last bear hunt. Got I nice 8 ft brown bear and another huge caribou with the rifle you built me. I dont have any great trophy shots with the rifle in them but I will send you what I got. Gun works awesome. Neither the caribou or the bear moved an inch. 300 gr accubonds seem to shoot the best with a medium charge of 4831. Gun shoots amazing." - C.Tolliver

Ramrod Barreled Action - 338 Lapua


"Just wanted to say thanks a lot you guys. My dad is in the process of bedding the rifle and he is super impressed with the rig. He is not usually impressed with anything...I will recommend you guys to my friends and for sure use you for my next rifle build." - C.Tolliver



NW Backpacker Rifle - 300 RUM


"1400yrds 40.8 moa 230 Berger hybrid!  First long range shot from my new custom NWAW rifle!!!  I'm very satisfied!!" - A.Martushev



CCS-LR Rifle - 7mm Rem Mag


"The 7mm mag did the trick, put a couple nice goats down in Wyoming.  Between the 168 gr. Bergers and the rifle you guys built for me nothing had a chance.  Thanks men, keep up the good work!" -D.Farley, Northwest Natives



PMR Rifle - 7mm Rem Mag


"By far the best gun I've ever shot! Thanks Northwest Action Works for doing such a great job!" - B.Prock, Heavy Hitters Outdoors



Ramrod Tactical - 6.5 Creedmoor


"I had a chance to test the rifle at longer ranges and the results remain both remarkable and consistent. The accuracy potential of this rifle is nothing short of amazing.  If I do my job, ¼ MOA group are definitely well within the rifle’s capability.  I couldn’t be happier with the job you have done. 


I will continue to stretch its legs but I am getting increasingly more convinced that at longer ranges the same stellar results will be observed."


-R. Quadt

(The left hand group is 5 shots at 200 yards; the right hand group is 3 shots at 500 yards)


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